Real Estate


Africa’s Most Experienced Buyer’s Agents

Our expertise in finding the right properties has helped our clients build lasting wealth. If you want to buy a good property but are unsure of where to start, talk to us – we can help.


We see properties you don’t

We are often shown properties long before they hit the market. Sales agents like working with us as we do all the work as one point of contact allowing the sales agent can just focus on the vendor.

Negotiation experience

We are experienced in negotiating in all markets having successfully negotiating hundreds of property transactions, large and small.

Excellent advisors

We’ve spent years finding the best advisers through trial and error. We get better rates and response times because of the volume of business we push them.

No hassle, no fuss

Time aside there is a lot of hassle to source and successfully buy a property. Persistent sales agents, viewing properties, attending auction and coordinating of due diligence make it a long and very manual process.


In addition, Osuec Real Estate & Properties manages one of the largest commercial and industrial property portfolios in New Zealand – with major clients operating businesses ranging from sizeable single venue premises in the major cities, through to multiple location operations across the country.  Combined into a full-service organization, no other real estate company can match Osuec Real Estate & Properties breadth of coverage across all market sectors throughout New Zealand.


Osuec Real Estate & Properties excels in marketing quality residential homes and has a well-established, successful  team servicing vendors and purchasers throughout Africa. We have thousands of listings ranging from modest family dwellings, inner-city apartments and bare land sections, through to palatial mansions and homes of architectural distinction..

Commercial and Industrial

Osuec Real Estate & Properties is the only significant national real estate business in this sector that is Africa owned and operated. Established as a specialist commercial agency in the early 2016 this remains the cornerstone of Osuec Real Estate & Properties’ business.


Osuec Real Estate & Properties specialist Country division was formed in 2017, in response to our clients throughout Africa’s looking to sell or acquire rural property. In just 7 years, Osuec Real Estate & Properties has become this country’s number one rural real estate brand, with our dedicated team of country salespeople selling more farmland in Africa than any other agency.

Osuec Real Estate & Properties has salespeople on the ground from the Far North to the South. This, when combined with our strong international alliances, ensures Osuec Real Estate & Properties reach is second to none..


Recognizing a major societal change in the way people choose to live, Osuec Real Estate & Properties was one of the first real estate companies in Africa to develop and promote its sales people’s awareness of lifestyle blocks as the new generation of semi-rural/semi-urban dwellings.

By combining the marketing nuances of the residential market with the physical semi-rural locations of the country sector, Osuec Real Estate & Properties has forged the template for marketing and selling lifestyle properties in Africa. The premium association of the Osuec Real Estate & Properties brand fits perfectly with the predominantly high-end nature of lifestyle properties throughout Africa..

Selling a business is often one of the largest and most complex transaction processes which successful business owners must work through during the course of their commercial activities.

It is a process which demands astute consideration and planning combined with an intricate understanding of how prospective purchasers make the final analytical decision on whether to buy the business… and ultimately assessing how much they are willing to pay.  Osuec Real Estate & Properties Business Sales can help clients in all phases of the selling process including valuing their business, preparing it for sale, and of course, marketing the business to achieve the best possible price and exit strategy for the client.

Osuec Real Estate & Properties is committed to providing a high quality service to manage the sale process of your business. This execution process ensures that all necessary information and documentation is presented in a confidential and professional manner, and that the marketing of your business is not only effective but also protects the necessary commercial integrity of the business you have worked so hard to build up.

International Team

As a company, Osuec Real Estate & Properties recognises the strengths that a diverse sales force brings to the collective real estate table, and Osuec Real Estate & Properties International residential team reflects Nigeria’s and West Africa’s multi-cultural flavour.

Selected for their professionalism and proven ability to work with integrity and transparency, our high-performing International team continues to foster strong working relationships and wide-ranging networks within local communities, and within their individual cultural domains.

Backed and supported by an astute management team, efficient administrators and the respected Osuec Real Estate & Properties brand, our international team has the skills, the resources and the experience to tap into Nigeria’s vast cultural diversity.